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About Us

Our purpose & mission:
Our customers are the reason for being in business. We are committed to provide world class products and services to them, at the most competitive price. We also value our indispensable staff, whom , continually work harder to make all of this possible

Our story
Our grandfather started to export Haitian commodities in the first half of the 20 th century, from the city of Gonaives, Haiti. By the mid-50’s, my father and uncle took over the company and moved it to the capital city of Port-au-Prince as Thomas Brothers. Then, we exported, rock crabs, hard wood, white wood, tamarinds, seashells, corals, sisals, mauby bark , ginger, shark fins and teeth, and many other products worldwide.

Today, the business is still family owned & operated. The same traditions and legacy of our world class services and quality products are continuing under Tropics Shells and Gifts, Inc. We export our commodities around the world. Our production and manufacturing facility is located in Haiti, sales and distribution operation in Miami, Florida.

In 1994, we started to manufacture our own liquid bleach on premises, to clean the seashells. Since then, we have bleached countless metric tons of seashells, and still bleaching. By 1997, we opened sales and distribution facility in Miami, FL. In 2001, we started the distribution of salt water fish, live rocks and marine crabs. By 2002, we added a separate department to process and export mauby bark, cerassee and other Caribbean roots and herbs used to make typical drinks and tea. In 2003 we added the land hermit crabs in our exotic pet line. In 2006, we opened our new shell painting department and offer custom designs to our clients.

We import and export worldwide, as well as distribute in the USA world class marine and Caribbean products. Mainly, we sell land hermit crabs, sea- shells, salt water aquarium fish, live rock, natural beach sand, maubi bark and cerassee


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